CMS proposes keeping the PT/OT CPT unit values steady for 2018!

Good news from CMS! On Thursday CMS announced their proposal for re-valuing the “mis-valued” PT/OT CPT codes in 2018. Thanks to everyone who commented, including PTPN, our members, and other therapy groups, especially the APTA, and thanks to the PTs and OTs who completed surveys for CMS, the Medicare unit values will remain steady in 2018 for the PT/OT CPT codes that we use every day. Meaning the potential for drastic payment cuts has been averted! Of course, this is just the CMS proposal, but it would be very unusual for there to be a major change between now and the final regulations in November. However, PTPN will be commenting to CMS on the proposal to cement this win.

Next up, the therapy cap, and the therapy cap exceptions process which expires at the end of the year. Watch your email for alerts about action you can take!

This is an important win, demonstrating that together we can make a difference!

Learn more at the Political Action Center.

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