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Since 1985, PTPN has been uniquely committed to only working with therapist-owned practices.

When our founder Michael Weinper, PT, DPT, MPH, noticed the increasing corporatization of physical therapy in the mid eighties, he worried independently run practices wouldn’t survive. As a physical therapist and practice owner himself, he inherently understood the challenges facing owners and saw an opportunity to build a company dedicated to the success of the therapist-owned model.

Today, we work with more than 700 locations across the country to offer industry expertise and practical resources to increase capacity for growth and help practices stay competitive.

We understand that, even with the best staff, it’s difficult to reach your goals alone. But that shouldn’t hold you back. Everyone deserves an equal seat at the table—regardless of size.

That’s why our staff is passionate about equipping you with the tools you need. From the marketing department to tech support, we come to work every day excited to tangibly help you so you can help more patients experience compassionate care and full lives. We’re on your team—for the long haul.

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For all other states, PTPN offers PTPN Nexus to support private therapy practices.

PTPN Nexus is a community of practice owners that provides many ways to control costs and increase revenue, including:

  • group purchasing discounts with nearly 50 vendor partners
  • political advocacy
  • practice marketing and social media resources
  • expert advice and tools for complying with complex regulations and seizing opportunities for growth
  • and much more!

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Just because you’re a private practice doesn’t mean you’re in it alone. When you become a PTPN member, you join a network that has your back for the long haul.

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